Switzerland VS Pakistan

Switzerland is famous worldwide for its sheer natural beauty. But Pakistan is no less; it has been blessed with immense beauty that rightly make it the Switzerland of the East. When we call Pakistan a mini Switzerland, we don’t make false claims. Here we will prove this fact.

1. Satpara Lake, Skardu


2. Naltar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan

3. Azad Kashmir, The Heaven on Earth

4. Banjosa Lake, Azad Kashmir

5. Deosai Plains, Skardu

6. Ibex, the National Animal of Pakistan

7. Saif-ul-Mulk Lake, Kaghan Valley


8. The beautiful colors of Hunza

9. Muzaffarabad, A Mini Paradise

9. Muzaffarabad, A Mini Paradise
M Bukhari/ Flickr

10. Sharda Village, Muzaffarabad


11. Shangrila Resorts, Kachura Lake in Skardu


12. Terrifying Bridge in Passu Gojal, Gilgit Baltistan


13. Naltar Lake


14. The killer mountain of Pakistan, Nanga Parbat

nanga parbat

15. Winter in Pakistan


16. Night view of Pakistan in winter season

16. Night view of Pakistan in winter season
abrar cheema/ facebook

17. Summer blossoming in Fairy Meadows

17. Summer blossoming in Fairy Meadows

But even after frantic searching, we could not find a place as scenic in Switzerland as our Hunza Valley when its blossoming with Cherry blossom trees…

zahoor salmi/ trekearth

And our cold deserts surrounded by snow covered mountains…

 S M Bukhari/ flickr
S M Bukhari/ flickr

We can go on and on comparing the scenic beauty of Pakistan and Switzerland… It is true that Pakistan is just as blessed, if not more as Switzerland, but it is also an unfortunate fact that it is not as famous as Swiss as far as tourism is concerned.

Pakistan is rightly the Switzerland of the East, at least from the beauty perspective. If only tourism gets developed in these areas and security concerns are kept under check, there is no stopping this majestic beauty from being a world leader. We surely have got resources; we just have to tap into them.

Our #PyaraPakistan always makes us proud! Pakistan Zindabad!


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